Key 2 Fitness Reviews

5 Star Review

This gym has everything you need to work out at the perfect price.

Other gyms I've been a member of I've had to fight for the machines, but everything is usually pretty open, and if it's not everyone is very respectful of time spent on each machine.

Also when I sent an email inquiry I received a response from the owner himself, who seems to genuinely care about the customer's fitness.

Huge pro also is the 24 hour access! If I'm feeling self-conscious I can go at any off time at night ;)

- Jenna B.

5 Star Review

There is no question, this is the best gym in town! The staff is kind, the facility is clean, and the ambiance is great. They offer complimentary wifi! The gym is located in a building with a second floor loft, where the first floor is for cardio and intense weight lifting and the second is more for relaxing workouts. They offer fitness classes and personal trainers. All around, I love this place especially because it is open 24 hours. I recommend all to stop on by and give this place a try!

- Nick P.

5 Star Review

This is exactly the gym I was looking for. I've tried both Spectrum and 24 Hour Fitness. Neither have the right equipment for someone that knows their way around a gym and wants to do more than just stand on an elliptical for 20 minutes a day.

I've been powerlifting and advanced lifting for years, and finally I've found a gym in downtown Santa Barbara that has all the right equipment. Plus, the facility is clean and organized. Memberships are fairly reasonably priced and there is no commitment or cancellation fee (big plus!).

- David G.

5 Star Review

Great gym! Clean, amazing trainers, good location, great equipment.

- Cassie C.

5 Star Review

As someone who has tried just about every gym in Santa Barbara (Spectrum, 24 hour, Ac4, Fisher) I think that Key 2 Fitness is the best value in the area.

You get 24 hour access to a nice sized training gym, fully equipped with TRX, Free Weights and plenty of machines/ squat racks.

I've been at 9am on a weekend and 10 am on weekdays and its never over crowded. Clean and has an excellent location.

What I like the best is that the members seem as if they are part of the staff. Everyone takes pride in the appearance of the gym and makes sure to rack their weights and keep bathrooms and floor clean.

Well done.

- Brandon A.

5 Star Review

Decided to finally get up and start working out, so I checked yelp and I found that this place was offering a deal so I said why not...

This place is awesome, the equipment is in good condition and the staff is very helpful. Definitely going to try and use my membership to its fullest and definitely the top gym that I have been to in SB

- Devin I.